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Educational Partnerships

Backyard Storage Shed/Playhouse

For Sale between 80 cents on the dollar

   Built like a home        Made for your backyard

This shed/playhouse will be built by one of the metro area high schools listed above.

The thirty-nine area high schools Industrial Technology /Arts Programs coordinate with the Builders of the Future program to promote and educate students about the career opportunities in building construction. 

Each school is matched with a metro home builder/mentor that donates their time and in a lot of cases, their subcontractor’s time to give demonstrations in their area of specialty (examples - carpenter, electrical) and field trips to local job sites. The builders also donate money towards building these backyard sheds or playhouses.

Each shed will be framed like a real home with 2x4 walls and ½” plywood sheathing then weatherized with the DuPont Tyvek (Sponsor) weatherization system.  ABC Roofing Supply (sponsor) will supply the roofing shingles. The Andersen Windows (sponsor) will then be installed and properly flashed. James Hardie Siding (sponsor) will be installed next. Taylor Made Home Solutions for exterior doors. The lumber will be supplied by one of following lumber yards:  Builders Supply Co., Christensen Lumber, Millard Lumber, Mead Lumber or S & E Smith Lumber (which are all sponsors). This will depend on which school constructs the shed or playhouse.

Each shed will be built at a school located as close to your location as possible. The construction process will occur during the winter and spring months. The width of the shed will be limited to 8ft. and can be from 10ft to 16ft long. The wall sections will be 7ft 6 inches tall (for ease of transport on a flatbed truck which are usually 4ft off the ground) with overall shed height limited to 9ft 6 inches.  The roof pitch will be 4/12 and it may be trussed or hand built with ceiling joist and rafters depending on teacher classroom constraints.

  1. The access door will be a 32” x 80” exterior door. This is our standard size. If you desire a wider door or a double door, this will affect the cost of shed/ building by as much as $350.00.

  2. If you want a special color & type of shingles additional costs may apply. 


Property owner responsibilities:

  1. The cost of moving the shed from the school to your property can be as high as $450 if moving a long distance across the Metro Area.

  2. The sheds will not have gutters installed and will not be painted.

  3. Permits are the responsibility of the buyer

  4. Weather tie downs are also the responsibility of the buyer

  5. Leveling of location for the shed is the responsibility of the buyer.  Some schools may assist in the task.

The purchase will be done 2 payments:

1/2 on signing agreement with area school

1/2 when you look at the finished assembled project at the area school

Payments will be to The Builders Foundation. Please note in the comments of the check "The Builders of the Future" 

 90% of price of the shed will be returned to the Industrial department of school that completed your shed. These funds will be used to purchase tools or applied towards a vocational scholarship for a student.

  • You may need to contact the planning department about setbacks from property lines

  • Make sure that power lines, trees and even the overhang of your house will not hinder a 14 ft high truck and trailer into your yard.

  • Make sure sprinkler systems will not be harmed by truck bringing the shed onto your property

If you are Interested please call:

Mark Bowder

Program Facilitator

402 290 2235

email -  


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